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1) Girdle of Truth – Eph.6:14.

The Soldier wore a Tunic of loose-fitting cloth as ancient combat was largely by hand to hand. So a soldier was needed to use a Belt to tight up the loose tunic as prepared for the Battle (Ex.12:11; Luk.12:35).

2) Breastplate of Righteousness – Eph.6:15:

The Breastplate was tough leather or heavy material with animal horn covering the soldier’s body especially protecting his heart and other vital parts of the body. So Righteousness and holiness are the characteristic of God that against the schemes of Satan.

3) Preparation the Gospel of Peace – Eph. 6:15:

Romans soldiers wore boots with nails in them to trip the ground in combat.

The Gospel of Peace pertains to the Good News that through Christ Believers are at Peace with God and He is on their side (Rom.5:6-10).

4) Shield of Faith – Eph.6:16:

The Shield of Faith protected the entire body that the Believer’s continual trust in God’s Word and promises are above all absolutely necessary to protect one from temptations.

5) Helmet of Salvation – Eph. 6:17:

Usually Helmet protect the head, Satan seeks to destroy a believer’s assurance of Salvation with his weapons of doubts and discouragement. So Christians must be strong in God’s promise of eternal salvation in scriptures (John 6:37-39).

6) Sword of the Spirit – Eph.6:17:

The Sword was the main Weapon of soldiers, so God’s Word is the main Weapon of the Beliers in the Battlefield. Jesus Himself used the Word of God to Resist the devil and the devil flew away (Mtt.4:10-11). So today we the Believers of Christ must resist the devil by using God’s Word as commanded in Mark 16:17-18.


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