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1) We shall eat the hidden Manna (Rev.2:17).

2) We shall eat the tree of Life (Rev.2:7).

3) We shall be clothed in white raiment (Rev.3:5).

4) We shall be the pillars in the Temple of GOD (Rev.3:12).

5) We shall sit with Christ on His throne (Rev.3:21).

6) We shall have a white stone (Rev.2:17).

7) We shall have Power over the nations (Rev.2:26).

8) We shall have the Name of GOD upon us (Rev.3:12).

9) We shall have GOD as their God (Rev.21:7).

10) We shall inherit all things (Rev.21:7).

11) We shall be the sons of the Most High GOD (Rev.21:7).

12) Our Names will never be blotted out from the Book of Life (Rev.3:5).

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